I Love Awesomeness – The Whale


Hard to believe this “Meat Torpedo” photo is real… I know. That’s just proves how awesome this humpback whale really is.

“On our way in from fishing for halibut we noticed a few humpback whales playing in the distance and we stopped part way in to watch. It was quite an experience to see something completely airborne so close to the boat. The lucky thing was I got the photo I submitted. A fellow boat also got a picture of the whale close to mid air and it was also all caught on video. Was an amazing day.”

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Team Visa

Olympics in the Air. Facebook caught my attention and I have consumed this years Visa Go World campaign.

It is nice to see long time friend Ryan St. Onge getting some media play around the the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Paralympic Sledge Hockey Player – Alexi Salamone
Alpine Skier – Julia Mancuso
Snowboard Cross – Lindsey Jacobellis
Ice Hockey – Angela Ruggiero
Freestyle Aerials – Ryan St. Onge

Two things to note about this campaign.
1 – It’s women driven.
2 – Focuses on a paralympic athlete.

Both of which should seamlessly be woven into every major ad campaign revolving the olympics and such a major sponsor.

Go Visa. Go Ryan. Go World.