ILA – Colorado USA Pro Cycling Challenge

[YouTubeUlar] <— 20 Get ready for another year of awesomeness. The USA Pro Challenge returns to Colorado this August 19th - 25th, 2013. And don't forget, January 11th, is designated "Awesome Day” in Colorado. Get your…

“beautiful weather, good beer, incredible topography, exceptional sunsets, outstanding sports’ teams and fans, remarkable outdoor recreation and again, really good beer”

… ready!


TED – JR – Turning World Inside Out Recap

[YouTubeUlar] <— 40,636 While researching Prezi – a new’ish presentation platform for desktop/cloud/intermanets/iPad, I was directed to this follow up TED presentation of street artist JR’s mission to change the world. I remember seeing and posting his 2011 TED Talk which was both incredible and inspiring. So not only was this content relevant, but prezi is also pretty amazing.

Double Awesomeness

I Love Awesomeness – The Whale


Hard to believe this “Meat Torpedo” photo is real… I know. That’s just proves how awesome this humpback whale really is.

“On our way in from fishing for halibut we noticed a few humpback whales playing in the distance and we stopped part way in to watch. It was quite an experience to see something completely airborne so close to the boat. The lucky thing was I got the photo I submitted. A fellow boat also got a picture of the whale close to mid air and it was also all caught on video. Was an amazing day.”

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