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It’s unique … It’s special … on a global scale.

Upon further research after watching this TED Talk about this boiling river in the amazon … I found the shortened version. Enjoy.

“When Andrés Ruzo was a boy, his grandfather would tell him tales of a mythical city of gold deep in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. Though never believing the stories to be true, the legend of the lost city stuck with him into adulthood. Years later, as a geothermal scientist, Ruzo decided to investigate. To his surprise, he discovered an incredulous river deep in the Amazon, with water hot enough to kill a human. Historically a place of pilgrimage for shamans and sorcerers, the river now faces increasing threats from poachers, loggers and squatters. Now, Ruzo is working hard to protect it.”

You Are Never Too Old For Airplane

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Don’t let me explain this to you… just watch it. It’s moving. Literally.

“How do you build a community based on trust, communication and beauty? Though teamwork, curiosity and trust Fractal Tribe shows you a stunning solution.

Fractal Tribe is a badass and sexy tribe of artists, engineers, and performers who produce consistent performance art that is not to be missed. Their skill in combining theatrics with dance, fire, acrobatics, aerial arts, and music creates more than a show but a full visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience. In addition to creating provocative and inspiring entertainment pieces, Fractal Tribe also enjoys leading workshops, developing community and sustainability projects, and exploring cutting edge performance technologies. Fractal Tribe’s high level mission is to inspire individuals to realize their own intrinsic value and actualize their true potential within their individual communities. By doing they hope to fractalize the model of non-competitive empowerment groups everywhere.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

TED – Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius

[YouTubeUlar] <— 1,392,643 I was surprised to see the date on this February 2009 TED video and the fact it took over 4 years to reach me. When Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about the genius of creativity and where does it come from… it directly reminds me of an interview I conducted in 2010 with a true musical genius, Doug Smith.

I really enjoy how Elizabeth talks about the source of creativity and her Ruth Stone Example. Doug couldn’t explain where his creativity came from either… other than it hitting him with a ton of bricks from somewhere above. He was simply the messenger to transcribe the grand message and deliver it to our ears through his grand piano.

To conclude, Elizabeth brings up a very good point to ponder…
is creativity directly linked to suffering?

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Shane Koyczan – To This Day

[YouTubeUlar] <— 4,684,243 Bring back poetry. Thanks Shane. See this live.

Upon listening to Shane Koyczan present some of his poetry, I’m reminded of Sarah Kay and her TED Talks from 2011.

More Often Than Sometimes – Watch another

“Shut Up and Say Something” – iTunes

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TED – JR – Turning World Inside Out Recap

[YouTubeUlar] <— 40,636 While researching Prezi – a new’ish presentation platform for desktop/cloud/intermanets/iPad, I was directed to this follow up TED presentation of street artist JR’s mission to change the world. I remember seeing and posting his 2011 TED Talk which was both incredible and inspiring. So not only was this content relevant, but prezi is also pretty amazing.

Double Awesomeness

Photon Cameras – Really?

[YouTubeUlar] <— 581,519 Trillion Frames per Second = Femto-Photography = Light in Motion If this is interesting to you... watch this super awesome TED talk. Then stick your fingers up this MIT Photon Camera Project.

Ever since I was a child and learned about the speed of light traveling 186,282 miles per second… I have always questioned to know if the speed of light of the shadow of an object technically could be faster then the actually speed of light?

Now my question has been confirmed … to be even more interesting then originally thought. If you have zero idea what I am actually talking about, then we are in the same boat.

But think about it.

TED – David Blaine – Breaking Records

[YouTubeUlar] <— 1,235,349 If you ask David Blaine what magic means to him - he may answer you with this...

“It’s practice, it’s training and experimenting. While pushing through the pain to be the best that I can be.”

But he is going to take 20 of your minutes and travel through several amazing stories describing how he accomplished holding his breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds before he gets there.


PIPA and SOPA?? Watch This

[YouTubeUlar] <— 52,449 Innocent until proven guilty... nope. Guilty until proven innocent... yep.

“Time Warner has called… and they want us all back on the couch. Just consuming. Not producing… not sharing. And we should say no.”

Get educated… watch it again.

Or go crazy over at

Jason Fried — Why “Work” doesn’t Work

[Vimeo] <— 121 Views We did an Apple video with 37 Signals back in 2006 and I have recently re connected with Jason Fried. Even though I have never worked in an *office* environment – His thinking here is spot on for the creative types. Nice share Manley

TED – Nicholas Christakis – Social

“After mapping humans’ intricate social networks, Nicholas Christakis and colleague James Fowler began investigating how this information could better our lives. Now, he reveals his hot-off-the-press findings: These networks can be used to detect epidemics earlier than ever, from the spread of innovative ideas to risky behaviors to viruses (like H1N1).”

This TED talk will drastically change my future.