Damn – Waco isn’t so WACO Anymore – BSR Cable Park

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Wow, what can I say. Last time I was in WACO, Texas – ummmm, isn’t that enough? Let’s just say none of this awesome BSR Cable Park shit existed. We had a hard time finding a bar open after 9pm and that’s no joke.

For $20 you can buy an all day pass to flip your meat on the Royal Flush water slide in front of other meat.  Bring your own booze, or don’t – seems like they just don’t care.  Which is what makes the BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas awesome.

Apparently they were voted #1 wake park in 2013.  I can see why.  Here is some more info for you to chalk up.

[BSR Cable Park Homepage]
[BSR Cable Park Facebook]
[BSR Cable Park Instaslammms]

HYDLE – The Best RAW Video I have Ever Shot – BHTM 06/07/08

[YouTubeUlar] <— 493 Happy BHTM Day - On this weekend year anniversary of my father Les being involved in a motorcycle accident that ultimately took his life… I give you the best RAW video I have ever shot.

The date was 06/07/08 and Big Head Todd was recording a live set to be released on both album and DVD. They played for 4 hours straight… 31 songs with no opening band … just all BHTM. My sister Jessica and dad managed to buy up some sweet tickets for us to enjoy the awesomeness. With a little help from Sara and Jake Manley and a side of Regier … We had access to everything :)

This was an awesome day in the history of my life… and now you can enjoy the most awesome moment from this amazing night at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Stay classy friends – I still want to find out who the girl in the orange dress is, so if you have any ideas… do share :)

Jake Manley – Z06 Hand Control Race Car

Jake Manley - Hand Control Race Car

Sounds like Jake Manley is up to a new project for Craig Hospital

“Next project! Dad, I got to get you over to the shop! You will love it. The owner said you could come over and help work on the cars any time!

This Z06 will be race ready in July complete with state of the art hand controls! This is going to be bad ass!

I get to drive it on the track in June!

Sounds like a job for GoPro.

The Edge of Never

[YouTubeUlar] <— 145,415 Another movie worth finding... and watching. Thanks for the heads up Manley. I Can't believe we hadn't heard of this 2009 film starring Kye Petersen, Mike Hattrup and Glen Plake earlier. [Edge of Never Homepage]

Project Montana


I just returned from a week long project in Montana. Lets just say spirits are lifted again and it’s time to tell a new story. This year is all about family. To view this project in creation – I would suggest grabbing your tickets to the 11th annual Craig Hospital PUSH dinner on March 2nd, 2012 here.

Jason Fried — Why “Work” doesn’t Work

[Vimeo] <— 121 Views We did an Apple video with 37 Signals back in 2006 and I have recently re connected with Jason Fried. Even though I have never worked in an *office* environment – His thinking here is spot on for the creative types. Nice share Manley

BHTM 2011 at Red Rocks

Big Head Todd is coming back “as usual” for the first must attend summer concert at Red Rocks. This years show is on June 11th, 2011 with opening by Guster. Get your tickets.

Here is a walk down memory lane:

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HYDLE – Pete Coors in the House

[iDevice Link] <— 0 views. What a lovely day to visit the Coors Complex in Golden, Colorado... only to find a celebrity bartender serving free beer. Pete Coors - It was great to finally meet you after all these years of evangelizing your products. We will see you in the near future. Round of Applause for the Banquet Beer.

Hide and Go Media – Concept

‘Hide And Go Media’ Temporary gallery installations 6-12 month installations:

Infrastructure (must be inexpensive):

Downtown commercial space near colleges (slightly off the beaten path)
Simple beverage snack bar (coffee – Hydle has the hook up)
Wifi (must capture audience and allow users to upload)
Electricity (helps sometimes)
Simple gallery decor, white / black walls ready for audience art and participation
Modern comfortable lounge furniture
As much street side glass as possible (so when it is closed the media can still play and crowds accumulate at the store front)
Need hot event coordinator to book events, preferably single…


Media age has caused every individual to amass absurd amounts of video. So much we have no use for it all, or even have the time to look at it. Concept create a physical space for people to bring, create it on the fly, dump it and show it. No need to edit, just push play and watch ourselves raw 24-7. We can set it up for all media, from 8mm, 16mm, VHS, digital etc. Fill the space with as many screens and projections, displays as possible, gotta have the overwhelming factor. It could be almost like a ‘Physical Facebook Space’, almost mocking in nature. Allow people leave a picture / video of themselves by instant up load to the server. Feed the ‘disease of me.’ It could be a place to blog old school, by writing on the actual walls with real pens, paint etc. The gallery space would morph based on the city and culture. Travel city to city, start in Austin, TX. At the end take a picture and hit DELETE!

How to make money:

Private events
Donations to Joel’s Foundation / Film Schools
Sell lots of coffee
Sell real art (the good stuff)

Ideas…Go, More!


BHTM 2008 to 2010 Recap

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I somehow popped backstage last night at BHTM 2010 Live at Red Rocks without ever having a ticket. It was a good show – with sun, rain, a torrential downpour and meeting new friends — but nothing compares to the 06/07/08 four hour live recording dvd show.

From me to you… enjoy the adventure.
Rock on.

From last night:

Riley Poor – Transitions

On December 4th I was lucky enough to attend a special premiere of Riley Poor’s latest creation … Transitions down at Craig Hospital.

I was truly blown away by this film not only because it goes back to the era of skiing I thrived and grew up in … which brings amazing memories. But also because it is such a beautiful documentary about one of the greatest pipe throbs of all time, Simon Dumont.

Now – I just can’t wait for Riley’s next project and to possibly get deeper into the real meaning behind Transitions. After all, out of everyone I know (minus my dad) there isn’t anyone who has taken a larger transition in their lives in this past year other then Riley Poor. I still wear his sticker on the back of my phone and think daily about what a true inspiration he is has become … from day one.

Riley – congratulations on the engagement to your amazing Katrina. Jake and Sara – screw the black hole of 2009? Jeremy Sweeney – What would Joel be doing now? Hoodlum – keep up the good work. Maddy – Your adorable.