Katie Aring – 1 Year Later

[YouTubeUlar] <— 2655 I don't know what to say... 1 year ago today, and I just learned of your loss now :( Katie Aring's final post: Katie Aring - Final Post

Four days later:
Katy Aring - From Dad

Absolutely unbelievable… I’m at a loss for words right now Katie, but Francis Do and I will meet very soon and recap one of the best post Dew Tour rain delay parties ever conducted on a judging tower. I’m so sorry. Your final post says it all :(

[Toronto Sun]
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Miss You Breezy


Do you get… What you got?

What an incredible celebration of the life of Frank Breezy Brzezicki today. For a 92 year old who would still shoot his age on the golf course… you were an inspiration in so many ways. Your service in the Air Force will never be forgotten. I’ve never witnessed a service where they honor a serviceman… and how inspiring it was.

Uncle Tom, Dennis, Corey and Brian… I absolutely love learning about this man in more ways than I selfishly never took the time to do on my own. I guess we were too busy golfing, drinking, or making crazy faces with that abnormally amazing smile when we were hanging out.

I will miss our playing days Breeze. Rest in peace.

Feelings, do they make you soft?

After reading / researching / browsing / linking / searching and internet surfing on random waterfalls and kayaking expeditions throughout the world – I stumbled upon this Outside Magazine article about the life of Hendrik Coetzee and his unfortunate death on the river.

It is a very inspiring story and kicked me into an emotional adventure thinking about how small life really is and how important it is to live yours. Because If you don’t live your life – then somebody else will… and Henri Coetzee, “the great white explorer”, was that somebody.

I feel privileged to take the time to learn something amazing about the passions of a complete stranger. I have some friends up above that I know you are hanging out with Henri. Your last writing is chilling to consume, and will not go unnoticed for you shall never “live a better day”.

Why, within human nature… does it take something to end, like death – for others to begin caring?

[Amazing Story]
[Today Show] <— Horrible interview but good recap [The Great White Explorer]

Thoughts on professional skier CR Johnson

ESPN and friend – Micah Abrams writes:

“Twenty-six-year-old C.R. Johnson was killed today while skiing at Squaw Valley, Calif. According to a statement issued by the resort, the Lake Tahoe native caught an edge on exposed rocks while entering the Light Towers area above the Cornice II lift. He fell through rocks before coming to a rest several hundred yards below the entry. Ski Patrol were on the scene within minutes, but efforts to revive Johnson failed. He was reportedly wearing a helmet.” [Read Full article]

It is very sad to hear another icon in the sport pass away. CR dodged a bullet back in 2005 with a traumatic brain injury and now this? Very unfortunate. I highly suggest reading the words of Christopher Jerard (first link below) to not only recap the life of CR – but more importantly to familiarize yourself with how CR adapted his viewpoints about life after his injury in 2005. Very powerful words Chris. Thank you for sharing.