Highway 40 Disney Avalanche

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2019 winter in the Colorado Rockies was monumental. It had been 62 years since a slide on the Disney avalanche path off Highway 40 had reached the road. The Disney slide path is first major avalanche slide path you reach on your way to Winter Park Resort. It is on the south side of the road just outside of Empire before you hit Berthoud Pass … and to say it lightly – this is a monster slide.

Here is another video that is equally interesting to watch from the Denver Copter 7 on the same day … just turn your volume down.

[Denver Copter 7 – I70 Avalanche Mitigation]


Katie Aring – 1 Year Later

[YouTubeUlar] <— 2655 I don't know what to say... 1 year ago today, and I just learned of your loss now :( Katie Aring's final post: Katie Aring - Final Post

Four days later:
Katy Aring - From Dad

Absolutely unbelievable… I’m at a loss for words right now Katie, but Francis Do and I will meet very soon and recap one of the best post Dew Tour rain delay parties ever conducted on a judging tower. I’m so sorry. Your final post says it all :(

[Toronto Sun]
[Survivor Story]

Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

A Complete Recap of the Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

Wow – finally an in depth link at what happened during the Steven’s Pass Avalanche. This is a very in depth and thorough story using all forms of media. My heart goes out to the people involved in this tragedy and I can’t imagine the time it took to put such an incredible story together. Thank you for sharing – and be careful out there friends.

Warning – this will take some time to consume, but it is worth it.

JP Auclair – Avalanche

[iDevice Link] <— 0 views. After consulting with JP Auclair on the soon to be released Alpine Initiatives website – I began sorting through the masses of media we used to share back and forth.

This video amazed me back in 2005 and it still amazes me today. Shot in April, 2005 while skiing little goat in Haines Alaska. After I acknowledge he could be dead, JP recalls…

“hmm.. hard to say.. Seth was on top behing me.. so I’m sure he would have got to me in time.”

Even with someone like Seth Morrison who is exceptionally talented in the backcountry, I don’t think I would like to get caught in an avalanche.

A Perfect Disaster – Holy Scary Wow!

This is NOT a small slide (avalanche).

If you can sit through the 7 minutes of absolute terror – just think about how positively ridiculously s c a r y this would be to get trapped in – wow.

“This is simply a very sobering and unbelievable video. However, you should take away from this video all the positive things that you can learn from it.”

Get the full story.

Thanks to Freeskier for bringing this to my attention.