HYDLE – Constant Reminder

I have recently written about why, within human nature… does it take something to end, like death – for others to begin caring? And in reading someones last work – how chilling it is to often find how someone has experienced something of a higher power only days before they have passed.

My constant reminder right now is the remarkable story of Nicole Davis. Who is still alive today and deserves the celebration and caring now.

On New Years Eve my brother Jeremy hosted a fundraiser in Nicole’s name trying to break the world record for the number of tattoos done in a 24-hour period. His tattoo artist KAOS fell short of the record (802) at 656 but the benefit was far from failing. I personally worked a large chunk of the 24 hour event and was blown away by the stories and meaning behind every breast cancer support ribbon KAOS tattooed.

It seems to me that everybody has a cause, a benefit, a request for donation… but it’s very rare when people actually take the time to read into and experience the real stories of the people effected before or after they choose to make a donation. Maybe this is due to the saturation of how many thousands of causes we are bombarded with supporting… it’s easy to shut the door. But in the case of Nicole Davis and her beautiful family, I challenge you to read this recent story. She is still alive with us today and has an amazing story to share.

Socialnomics Revisited

Always fun to look back at where we came from – only to predict where we are going. As you can see here though – we are still trying to get people caught up on the thinking of how powerful this engine is going to become.

Last Socialnomics Update

Who is Drummer Rick K?

[iDevice Link]

My cousin sent me this video which is entertaining and comical to watch Rick K play the drums in the background. But why not check out a song that takes some real drumming talent.

Who is this group The Allnighters and where do they play? Imagine if Will Ferrel played drums – sounds like a movie to me.

Female Control

[iPhone Video Link]

Being out of touch with pop culture is a bad thing. Luckily I spent a night with my couture connoisseur of female creative power… and she caught me up to speed. Cousin Elizabeth – thank you for the wine and dine … and the new queen of pop experience.

What I enjoy seeing here is the Michael Jackson’esque resemblance of story line music videos – along with the processes’ of technology regression. Look for them.