6 Years Ago

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It’s that kind of mood.  6 years ago at 10:00pm we put my father down … don’t have much else to say there, one of the craziest most difficult things anyone can ever go through.  Staying up late … listening to music … something my dad would do — I found this Uncle Lucius gem.  Perfectly fits the mood.  Had to put it on repeat – and then research who in the hell is this Kevin O’neil Galloway guy.  He’s playing in Steamboat at the end of the month – I’ll go.  The shot beginning at 3:45 and ending at 4:17 (a full 33 seconds) in this music video is ridiculously awesome.  Cheers world.  Cheers Dad.  Here is a night photo of your grand daughter today.  She is awesome.

Leslie June LJ Hydle Big Truck Hat

Uncle Lucius — Keep The Wolves Away:

“Took my first breath where the muddy Brazos
spills into the Gulf of Mexico,
and the skylines colored by chemical plants
put bread on the table of the working man.

Where the working man does his best to provide
safety and shelter for kids and a wife,
Giving a little of his soul every day,
making overtime to keep the wolves away

I was barely 13 when the company man
tried to dig my daddy’s grave
It happened on a french owned tanker ship
spilling poison in the Galveston bay

Where the liquid fire filled his lungs and his eyes
silenced any mortal cries.
Codeine the grit but death stang in pain –
He fought like hell to keep the wolves away

For the next few years dad was sick as a dog,
but he made a recovery just to spite the odds.
Settlement came and we moved out of town
where the sky isn’t heavy with refinery clouds.

Yeah he’s still alive he’s doing good, he’s in his fifties
but the money’s running out and he’s pinching for pennies
so Im going for broke with every song I play,
cause now it’s my turn to keep the wolves away.

Written by 

Damien Jurado

This song is going to take off, like a rocket.

Wait – it already is. Especially if you watch cult like netflix shows with your girlfriend.

Cloudy Shoes – Damien Jurado

I wish that I could float
Float up from the ground
I will never know
What that’s like
You have a way about you
I wish that I had
Thought it was impossible
To live and love like you
Funny how we all can change
If we just try to
Thought it was impossible
To live and love like you
One day you will be taller
Taller than the sky
Until that day you will be
Here with us below
Magic will do what magic does
Living in your eyes
Do you think someday soon
You will have the time?
I could use another hand
To help pull me through
Someday these hospital stays
Get the best of me
Trying to fix my mind
Still trying to fix my mind
Trying to work it out
I’m still trying to fix my mind
Still trying to fix my mind
I’m still trying to fix my mind

happy birthday dad.

Explicit – First Person Craziness


Apparently this is a music video. Damn. I’m not going to play the I love violence angle – because I don’t… but this is pretty insane and worth an artistic look. Not recommended for small children.

iTunes – Bad M**********r – Bad M**********r – EP

Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

[YouTubeUlar] <— 13,402 Don't know why... or how... or where this random Electric Guest music video came from. But it passed my retinas and I think it has some interesting editing / ideas and creative qualities. I will know if it sticks with me after a couple more views... or buy the song. This Head I Hold - Mondo This Head I Hold – Mondo

HYDLE – Nothin’ on You (feat. Bruno Mars)

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Apparently – this is what happens to me when I drink wine. Cashed out a Sauvignon Blanc and some Rose boxxles of wine last night and woke up to this being posted on the blog.


  • I guess I get creative
  • I like to dance
  • I entertain myself


  • I nearly die

UPDATE – John Teas on Ellen Tuesday

I watched this once … and laughed.
Watched it again… and laughed even more.

I can’t figure out why I’m laughing? But this kid John Teas is pretty entertaining.

I don’t know if it’s his amazing double grip on the mic… or the pinned feet and body twitch on the major beats of the song (watch 1:13-1:20) – But something sets this amateur video apart from the rest.

I do know John is local to the Denver area and he apparently has a large set of pipes in his second grade body. Combined with moms lackluster camera work and a completely clueless grand finish – this video has it all. Plus Journey doesn’t suck either.

Nice work John Teas and Mom.

Innocence Rules.

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UPDATE – April 19th
Rumor has it that John Teas will appear on Ellen next week.  Ellen airs at 3:00pm in Denver on channel 9. Keep you posted.

UPDATE – April 26th
John Teas WILL appear on Ellen with Marisa Tomei on Tuesday, April 27th 2010. Ellen airs on NBC channel 9 at 3:00pm Denver time.
Watch preview here.

Insane Clown Posse – Triple Whammy

MattMatt sent me this … I laughed. Partly because it was a double wammy in marketing efforts – and now – it just turned into a triple wammy.

Let me explain.

Have you ever been driving down the road listening to the radio and lets say a Coors Light advertisement comes on the air… and at or near that very same time you pass a Coors Light billboard – Or maybe your following a Coors Light truck, or drinking a Coors Light (not recommended while driving). If you realize both instances and actually process what just happened, then chances are you were just double whammed.

In this case – I was triple whammed by the Insane Clown Posse.

1st – A surprise appearance by Violent Jay at a Hoodlum event.
2nd – MattMatt sends me the Miracles music video.
Triple – Saturday Night Live spoofs it.

Bang Pow Boom – now it all makes sense. Just don’t forget that these guys never graduated from high school.

Insane Clown Posse – Miracles

SNL – ICP Parody Spoof – Magical Mysteries

[iTunes – ICP – Miracles]

Insane Clown Posse – Miracles – Lyrics:

If magic is all we’ve ever know
Then it’s easy to miss what really goes on
But I’ve seen miracles in every way
And I see miracles everyday
Oceans spanning beyond my sight
And a million stars way above em at night
We don’t have to be high to look in the sky
And know that’s a miracle opened wide
Look at the mountains, trees, the seven seas
And everything chilling underwater, please
Hot lava, snow, rain and fog
Long neck giraffes, and pet cats and dogs
And I’ve seen eighty-five thousand people
All in one room, together as equals
Pure magic is the birth of my kids
I’ve seen shit that’ll shock your eyelids
The sun and the moon, and even Mars
The Milky Way and fucking shooting stars
UFOs, a river flows
Plant a little seed and nature grows
Niagara falls and the pyramids
Everything you believed in as kids
Fucking rainbows after it rains
there’s enough miracles here to blow your brains
I fed a fish to a pelican at Frisco bay
It tried to eat my cell phone, he ran away
And music is magic, pure and clean
You can feel it and hear it but it can’t be seen

Music is all magic
(Are you a believer in miracles)
You can’t even hold it
(Do you notice and recognize miracles)
it’s just there in the air
(Are you a believer in miracles)
Pure motherfucking magic Right?
This shit’ll blow your fucking mind
(Do you notice and recognize miracles)

Music is a lot like love, it’s all a feeling
And it fills the room, from the floor to the ceiling
I see miracles all around me
Stop and look around, it’s all astounding
Water, fire, air and dirt
Fucking magnets, how do they work?
And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist
Y’all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed
Solar eclipse, and vicious weather
Fifteen thousand Juggalos together
And I love my mom for giving me this
Time on this planet, taking nothing for granted
I seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly
Miracles ain’t nothing to lie
Shaggy’s little boys look just like Shaggy
And my little boy looks just like daddy
Miracles each and every where you look
And nobody has to stay where they put
This world is yours for you to explore
there’s nothing but miracles beyond your door
The Dark Carnival is your invitation
To witness that without explanation
Take a look at this fine creation
And enjoy it better with appreciation
Crows, ghosts, the midnight coast
The wonders of the world, mysteries the most
Just open your mind, and it ain’t no way
To ignore the miracles of every day

(Are you a believer in miracles)
Magic everywhere in this bitch
(Do you notice and recognize miracles)
it’s all around you, you don’t even know it
(Are you a believer in miracles) Shit’s crazy
(Do you notice and recognize miracles,
So many miracles, the magic miracles)

Female Control

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Being out of touch with pop culture is a bad thing. Luckily I spent a night with my couture connoisseur of female creative power… and she caught me up to speed. Cousin Elizabeth – thank you for the wine and dine … and the new queen of pop experience.

What I enjoy seeing here is the Michael Jackson’esque resemblance of story line music videos – along with the processes’ of technology regression. Look for them.