Matchstick Productions is on Board with Manchester Orchestra

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“I don’t know why it’s snowed so much… just magic. It’s just like magic.”

Get the song – Virgin Virgin - Simple Math
Get the album of the year – Simple Math Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra

MSP’s latest teaser “Attack of La Niña” showcases that they are on board with Manchester Orchestra. So today marks the day of two great things coming together – Skiing + Manchester Orchestra. A quick search at Ski Movie Music proves this fact… and I can’t wait for more production companies to jump on board.

Keyboardist and second drummer Chris “Lighting” Freeman states… Virgin is his new favorite song. So congratulations MSP on introducing the sound of Manchester into the skiing community.

As I already stated last month – Songs 6, 7 and 8 off Simple Math played together will change your life.

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Manchester Orchestra – New Sounds to Old Songs

[YouTube] <— 97 views. I rocked out with Manchester Orchestra last night in Denver. I’ve gone from being introduced to seeing them live… to solid fan in 2 days. This video is from their Hollywood show last week… Mind blowing Denver video to come.

The song above (Colly Strings – I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child) is from their first album released in 2006.

Grab their newly released album and enjoy the growth of Manchester Orchestra with me. Simple Math Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra was released on May 9th, 2011, it isn’t even a month old… songs 6, 7 and 8 played together will change your life.

6 – Virgin
7 – Simple Math
8 – Leave it Alone

Simple Math Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra is simply a refresh on something artists tend to veer away from these days — actually making a complete album. Thank you Manchester for not following the normal and keeping the album alive.

The new sounds you install into your old songs + an absolutely mind blowing live performance = impossible to not love you. Thanks for the show.