Long Drive Replaces Bowling

My goal of a perfect 300 in 2007 never rendered in bowling… luckily I carry well over 300 consistently on the course.

Over the last month I have been researching everything I can learn about the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in Mesquite, Nevada.

To sum everything I have learned in one giant sentence…

“In order to win $250,000 at the world finals you need to first spend $40 for 6 balls and qualify in a local qualifier which will send you to a $150 entry fee regional championship and if you smack it hard there you will secure one of the 150 available spots to compete against the best of the best at the Mesquite Regional Park firing range where you will spend 3 days of bracketed competition to hopefully reach the head to head final rounds where ultimately you will face last years 20 year old 418 yard drive champion, Jamie Sadlowski who is only 5’10” tall 170lbs but has the ability to double wrist cock and generate ball speed greater then 210 miles per hour off the face of the club and pretty much the only thing you have going for you now is the fact that Jamie only lands 20% of his shots in the 450 yard long 50 yard wide grid which equates to only 1.2 balls out of 6… I hope he misses.”

Thanks to YouTube for providing endless golf tips on how to hit the ball farther. I don’t think I will ever have the Canadian 98mph lefty slapshot that Jamie has… but I do have the power of the internets.

Pinnacle Distance Team – Part 1
Pinnacle Distance Team – Part 2
Pinnacle Distance Team – Part 3
Pinnacle Distance Team – Part 4

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