Mat “Condor” Hoffman – Toughest Guy in Sports

Mat Hoffman - Toughest Guy In Sports

ESPN claims Mat Hoffman as the toughest guy in sports. After reading this intriguing article about the history of this legend… I would have to agree.

“I was flipping and tumbling through the sky, holding on as tight as I could. I felt like someone had put me in the dryer and turned it on high. At 8,000 feet I threw my bike and stopped spinning. My chute opened at around 6,000 feet and I started looking for my target. Flying above the desert, the ground below looks like Mars; nothing but cracked earth. I saw what I thought was our van and started flying toward it. I went about three miles before I realized I was headed toward an abandoned house. I dropped into the backyard and noticed a kid sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows. In the desert. In 100° heat. He saw me, pulled his stick out of the fire, reached it toward me and said, “Would you like a marshmallow?”

Hoffman shares even better stories about his childhood growing up and how his parents never limited or stopped him and his brother Travis from accomplishing danger. I was very entertained by this write up from Alyssa Roenigk from ESPN The Magazine.

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Prayers for Sarah Burke

Social networking informed me of another very unfortunate accident in skiing this evening. I have been obtaining information on Sarah Burke’s half pipe accident this afternoon at Park City and will hopefully know more soon. My prayers go out to Sarah and her family and our entire industry that continues to evolve at insane levels. The severity of Sarah’s injuries is unknown, but as Kristi Leskinen states… “The situation is very serious”.

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250 Most Influential People in Snowbiz

The Ski Channel has developed a list of who’s who in the snow business and attempted to present it on the internets. What a horrible way to display a list of influential people… so I made a small list of my influentials.

14 – Warren Miller
16 – Mcconkey
31 – Dumont
33 – Hall
35 – Wade Martin
38 – Moseley
58 – Fayfield
95 – Seth Morrison
98 – Johnny Decesare
99 – Mcilvain / Auclair
102 – Greg Stump
104 – Steve Winter
110 – Colby West
118 – Obermeyer
122 – Jerard
133 – Chris Prybylo
135 – O’Connell
139 – Scot Schmidt
164 – Kristi Leskinen
184 – JF Cusson
191 – Colin Kaufmann
197 – Billy Kidd
209 – Josh Berman
211 – Mahre Bros
212 – Candide
216 – Tom Wallisch
231 – Stein Eriksen
232 – Riley Poor
241 – Tommy Moe
250 – Bruce Willis!!!!?

Superstars Tonight

Superstar Kristi
Superstar Kristi emails…

“Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder if you are home and watching TV tonight check out my new show “The Superstars” It airs at 8pm est 7 central on abc! I promise the first episode is packed with shocks and surprises! T.O and his partner will provide a ton of entertainment! Hope you are all doing great and hope to see you all again soon! Thanks, Kristi”

I can’t wait for this summers biggest battle on the beach.

Superstar Teams

Terrell Owens – Joanna Krupa
Brandi Chastain – Julio Iglesias Jr
Jeff Kent – Ali Landry
Kristi Leskinen – Maks Chmerkovskiy
Bode Miller – Paige Hemmis
Lisa Leslie – Dan Cortese
Robert Horry – Estella Warren
Jennifer Capriati – David Charvet

Kristi Leskinen is a Superstar

Superstars is Back – and it’s back on ABC beginning June 23rd, 2009.

The only reason I really care is not because it features sports heros and celebrities teamed together to compete for something of extreme value… but because another good friend is going to reach network television superstardom.

Congratulations Kristina Leskinen on hopefully kicking some Terrell Owens / Bode Miller / Jennifer Capriati / Brandi Chastain (think soccer + sports bra) and other sudo celebrity / superstar asses.

Superstars Timeline

1973 – Intro
1973 – Swimming Heats
1979 – Opening Titles
1980 – Intro + Contestants
2008 – BBC Remake Gym Test