Tyler’s 8 Day Bender – Day #2

IMG_2058Day number two of the 8 day bender … Tyler finds himself in no other then his hometown of Boulder, CO.

I couldn’t get a hefty response out of him which could be directly related to the outcome of the CU vs CSU football game.

But talking to him briefly on the phone – I can easily tell day 3 is going to hurt.

Good luck sir.


Tyler’s 8 Day Bender – Day #1


cocktails and chlorine... like mimosas and models!

Tyler insists this is the beginning of an 8 day bender. I ask…

“Why 8 days?”

He tells me his travel and drinking plans over the next 8 days, which included the CU CSU game, Vegas, Golf, Private Jetting to Vail and a Wedding.

At this surprising point, I don’t have much to say… because a good bender should always include all of these items. So I ask…

Will you document this?

To which Tyler replies a definitive… hydle – yes.  And so the 8 day bender was born. Good luck Tyler Bowron.

Day #1 – Ally’s Drunken Pool Party


Fuel the Pool Party

Jeremy is throwing an “Ally’s Drunken Pool Party” at the glass house today.  As if supermodels and water weren’t enough to entice… he sent me this lovely snapshot of party fuel to secure my presence.

Happy Labor Day.



Jeremy Sweeney & Ally Browne

Location: Glass House

Saturday, September 5th, 11:00AM

Its Labor Day Weenkend and Ally will be in town. We are going to celebrate with a Pool Party & BBQ. 11am may seem early but Bloody Marys and Mirmosas will be flowing. We have to take advantage of the short amount of sunlight that lasts at our pool. So come early and drink heavily.