Like a G6

Hello Party People,

Less than a week before we all Matty boy turn into “old balls” in an evening not soon to be forgotten. Below I have listed the information straight from Senor Brian who we all owe big time for this generous gift to Matt. We will be flying on the world’s fastest civilian aircraft in the sky… a Citation X.

Plane departs 5:30pm out of landmark at San Diego airport. You should all be there by 5:00pm if possible, 5:15pm at the latest. They will wait for you, but don’t be late as it will screw up their flight plan.

The pilots should only need to see your ID.

There will be catering on the plane, along with booze, water, pop, etc. Help yourselves to anything on there – even the small booze bottles in the bar area. You will have to serve yourself during the flight. Trays flip up along the wall between the seats. Feel free to move around and do that as soon as the seatbelt lights are off. You can also talk to the pilots at anytime during the flight – feel free to ask them anything during the flight – just walk up there and ask.

There will be a limo at Boeing field to take all of you to the party right from the airport. There is a bathroom in the terminal if someone needs to change, etc.

As far as I know half of you are staying at Pete’s and the other half at Matt’s. So I have the limo stopping at Pete’s at 12:30pm on Sunday, then going to Matt’s then dropping you off at the airport.

Try not to trash the plane too much :-)

Pilots don’t take tips, but if you can tip the ground crew ($10.00+ a head or so – usually 2-3 of them helping with luggage, etc) on both ends it is a good thing.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Tyler’s 8 Day Bender – Day #1


cocktails and chlorine... like mimosas and models!

Tyler insists this is the beginning of an 8 day bender. I ask…

“Why 8 days?”

He tells me his travel and drinking plans over the next 8 days, which included the CU CSU game, Vegas, Golf, Private Jetting to Vail and a Wedding.

At this surprising point, I don’t have much to say… because a good bender should always include all of these items. So I ask…

Will you document this?

To which Tyler replies a definitive… hydle – yes.  And so the 8 day bender was born. Good luck Tyler Bowron.

Day #1 – Ally’s Drunken Pool Party


Fuel the Pool Party

Jeremy is throwing an “Ally’s Drunken Pool Party” at the glass house today.  As if supermodels and water weren’t enough to entice… he sent me this lovely snapshot of party fuel to secure my presence.

Happy Labor Day.



Jeremy Sweeney & Ally Browne

Location: Glass House

Saturday, September 5th, 11:00AM

Its Labor Day Weenkend and Ally will be in town. We are going to celebrate with a Pool Party & BBQ. 11am may seem early but Bloody Marys and Mirmosas will be flowing. We have to take advantage of the short amount of sunlight that lasts at our pool. So come early and drink heavily.