Nick Offerman – Movember Tips

[YouTubeUlar] <— 817,935 It's that time of year again... I actually joined a team this year - so instead of "No Shave November" turning into "Dick Broom December", it will be "Movember -> Super Dick Broom December”

Should get interesting.

EyeHandy – How to Make a Beer Bong


For your friday HowTo video… we apply working knowledge to drinking faster.

The first beer bong we ever made in high school was named Sylvia. I remember one year we took Sylvia to lake powell with us… well it was actually more like I joined a group of three families that were going to lake powell and Sylvia was already coming. Having just graduated high school and being the odd man out – as in everyone there was related to someone – except me… it was my job to make sure that all 16 people on our houseboat that slept 12 would take a hit from Sylvia. My parents weren’t present… so I could break the silence and that is what I did.

Cheers to the lake powell crew of 1997 or 1998 – I can’t really remember. The McCormick’s + the Wolff’s + the Jones’ + 1 Hydle… what an adventure.

Enjoy world