Hugh MacLeod – #YayHappy

Hydle to Hugh MacLeod - #YayHappy

Make It Happen

When I was younger, I thought love just kinda happened. You met a girl/boy, you liked him/her, he/she liked you, then suddenly BAM!!!! Fireworks and happy ever after.

Luckily (as it turns out), it doesn’t work that way. It takes effort and deliberation. You gotta be proactive. “Random” might get you laid on occasion, but that’s about it.

That being said, it’s still a very happy cartoon… #YayHappy.

Hugh MacLeod – If In Doubt

“Love is the easiest thing in the world to do, until it isn’t. Until we get overwhelmed by “Stuff”.

The black lines in the cartoon represent overwhelming “Stuff”.

The red lines represent “Love”, fighting like hell to keep alive, in spite of overwhelming odds.

We’ve all been there….”

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TOTD – Life Without Love

“This is really about ‘making-up’. When you are just at the edge of the ‘it’s too hard’ precipice, look down and think about life without love.

It’s easy to be cynical about love. But when loves leaves your life, you realize that everything is better with it. The Friendship, Partnership, Warmth, Connectedness, Support – it all makes life just a bit more worth living.

Don’t be cynical, don’t be flippant, try your heart out, you don’t have to settle – strong back, open heart – it’s worth it.”

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