Good Deeds – Fat Rat in the News

Cousin Matt was caught red handed performing a chime of goodness.

Matt Ruchong, owner and operator or Fat Rat Enterprises in Fortuna, CA is donating parts and man hours to fix up a local soldiers Jeep while he is away serving our country.
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So if donating is in your blood – this is one surprise story that I can guarantee an amazing outcome.

”If the public wants to donate, it will go in to fund this project,” he said. “I won’t be taking anything out of that fund for my work.”

I just wish I lived closer to document the progress and tell the story.

Call the shop or Email Matt (707) 725-0600.
Tell him you saw the SEMA Episodes – so feel free to talk a little smack.


I recently had the privilege of attending SEMA with my cousin Matt Ruchong. He runs a customs shop in Fortuna, CA and was our expert for the day… which both Roxs and I needed.

Matt’s wealth of knowledge in the auto industry supersedes my wealth of anything. If your in northern california – Look him up.

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