Super Bowl Advertisement Rankings

I haven’t concluded my super bowl ad recap yet, but as usual… rankings are coming in from all over.

Animal Ads Resonate with Viewers
The overall number one ad with viewers (overall score of about 72.3) was “Saluting Beaver” from Bridgestone, featuring a motorist who is able to avoid hitting a beaver and then plunging into a river thanks to tire traction (and a little rodent-supplied assistance). “Saluting Beaver” scored first in both emotion ranking (evoking most possible positive and least possible negative emotions) and water cooler ranking (likelihood of participants discussing the ad at the water cooler the next day), and third in interest ranking (how well it held the interest of viewers).

Meanwhile, the self-explanatory “Dog Party” ad from Bud Light, which came in third overall, ranked first in viewer interest.

Automotive Ads Take Three Top 10 Spots
Three of the top 10 ads, including the number one ad, were for autos or automotive products. Two ads were for snack food, and one ad promoted a product in each of the following five categories: the NFL, beer, film, soda, and online portal.

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Top 10 February Viral

The top 10 picks for February, with links to view on YouTube:

1. Bud Light – Clothing Drive, agency: DDB
2. Sussex Safer Roads Partnership – Embrace Life, agency: Rockutainment
3. Old Spice – The Man You Could Smell Like, agency: Wieden & Kennedy
4. Google – Parisian Love, agency: Google Creative Lab
5. Nolan’s Cheddar – Mousetrap, agency: John Nolan (parody ad)
6. Puma – Hardchorus, agency: Droga5
7. Snickers – Pick Up Game (Super Bowl), agency: BBDO
8. Doritos – Gym Ninja (Super Bowl), agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners
9. Cerveza Andes – Teletransporter, agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
10. Burton – Shaun White Double McTwist, agency: N/A

Genius: 2, 3, 7, 9
Not Genius: 8

Hydle Favorite:

I posted this back on February 9th as it provided emotional fuel for a very emotional Craig Hospital project I was working on.


Back Online

Mesquite and Las Vegas have been a bit of a blur – but I’m back online and releasing content. Sorry Vegas – No more “what happens here stays here”

No More

You have a new tag line that Johnson and Hydle just Trademarked

Las Vegas – No Expectations™

And I’m sharing.

Wide Open Nevada ✓
Worlds Largest Pool Party ✓
Vegas Extreme Sky Diving ✓
Prom Dress ✓

Bud Light – Clothing Drive

[YouTubeUlar] <— 355,326 (repost on 4/7/13) Swear Jar meets Clothing Drive. I’m not a fan of Bud Light as a consumable beverage, but I am a fan of how much money Bundweiser spends on marketing. Especially on internets only releases.

This commercial I do not believe is unique enough or cut well enough to make me a believer. Some good ideas and scenes, but just a little too long for my liking.

However uniquely similar to Swear Jar… should have made this one a minute too.

Not Genius.