GoPro Edit to Evangelos — How To Download For Free

[YouTubeUlar] <— 2,401,661

So 2 million of your closest friends and you saw this awesome GoPro video. There are so many GoProYourself moments in this 3 minute and 50 second masterpiece that it is overwhelming … what isn’t overwhelming however, is there is only one song. So how do you get this in-correctly named song, download it (for free) and throw it on your own bike mix?

1 – Go here

2 – Click Download Track which will require you to either login or create a Toneden account … or not. Just click the small “No thanks, I want to download without an account” text.

3 – Click Follow on SoundCloud, link your accounts which will unlock the Evangelos – Honorem et Gloriam track of awesomeness to be downloaded.

4 – Transfer to your listening device and jam out on your Bike Mix.

Candide Thovex – One Of Those Crazy Days

[YouTubeUlar] <— 301+ A - I didn't know Candid Thovex was skiing on Faction Skis. B - The compilation here is a little ridiculous. C - Crazy + Skiing + Humor all in one. [Candide Thovex – Facebook] <— 31,350

I Love Awesomeness – STOOPIDTALL Cruiser

[VimeeeeeO] <— 45,717 The I Love Awesomeness inspirational award of the week goes out to Richie Trimble for creating this 14.5 foot cruiser and GoProYourselfing riding that bad boy through the streets of Los Angeles.

14.5ft at the Seat
Built in 12 work hours
One Huffy beach cruiser, 2″ square tubing, 3/4″ round tubing, and 1″ round tubing
26″ single speed coaster brake wheelset
6 1/2 single speed bicycle chains (32.5ft of chain)

STOOPIDTALL, is the inbetween from that one (Kafourki) and the world record tallest bike that i’ll be building next this year. Thank you to all the Angelopes who guided STOOPIDTALL through the sea of fellow cyclists!

No, thank you for being awesome Richie Trimble and putting some serious character into the LA Bike Cult Awesomeness level.

I Love Awesomeness – Backflip of the Week by Jacob Wester

[YouTubeUlar] <— 84,493 Indescribable. This makes me want to backflip on skis again... or just go really really really big, again. Holy shit :)

“While on a backcountry trip through Telluride, CO, Sweden’s Jacob Wester gives us a first-hand look at a 100-foot backflip off a mining trestle that was built in the 1920s. The crew was staying at the Alta Lakes Observatory nearby”

Jacob Wester, you win our I Love Awesomeness athlete of the week award for this ridiculous backie.

As JP Auclair states,

“You can’t go wrong with a backie!”

[Jacob Wester on Facebook] <— 5,940 [Jacob Wester Blog]
[Freeskier Link]
[UnofficialNetworks Link]

GoPro – Kirby Chambliss Epic Flight

[YouTubeUlar] <— 50,311 GoProYourFlyingMiniaturePlanesAggressively - √ Good to finally put a name to the guy flying in the most epically awesome GoPro HD HERO2 video of all time.

His name is Kirby Chambliss.

New Lines by Jokke Sommer

[YouTubeUlar] <— 213,614 This video will hit most inboxes within the week... good to see that Jokke Sommer is somehow active after Jeb Corliss grounded himself [2,176,844] earlier in the year.

Watching these two compete back and forth on the internets is like watching a fight to the death. It’s absolutely mind blowing the adrenalin rush one would receive from accomplishing some of these lines – let alone watching someone else do it.