Red Bull Dreamline – Big Dirt Jumps

[YouTubeUlar] <— 30,518 Starting to get a little serious on the edit... and in the sport. Thanks to Red Bull for pushing the limits - yet again. Great description of where this sport of BMX Dirt is heading.

Red Bull – Mad Mike Drifting New Zealand

[YouTubeUlar] <— 470,410 I want this drifting action to happen on Berthoud Pass - in snow. End of Hydle Story. Red Bull Story:

“The Crown Range, New Zealand. 47 corners, 1076 metres elevation, 10.4km long. The country’s highest paved roadway. For a moment in time it belongs to one man, Mike Whiddett. The moment will become, the drive of a lifetime.

The drive for Mike Whiddett will be challenging and faster than most. For the first time in NZ motorsport history, the road has been closed across three sections for a unique filming opportunity. The New Zealand-based international drift driver has a chance to push his bespoke quad-rotor rotary engine car to new limits on a completely clear road. The road closure signs are rolled out; it is time for Mad Mike to Conquer the Crown.”

[Behind the Scenes] <— 10,304

Red Bull Kluge – The Athlete Machine

[YouTubeUlar] <— 10,942,785 Forgot to post this last weekend when I was browsing trending videos on the Apple TV. What does 2 years planning, 12 machines, 11 athletes, 4 RED digital cinema cameras, 45 GoPros and 3,422 man hours look like?

11 athletes:

  1. Sean MacCormac – Red Bull Air Force
  2. Joey Brezinski – Skate
  3. Rickie Fowler – Golf
  4. Danny MacAskill – Biking
  5. Ryan Sheckler – Skate
  6. Drew Bezanson – BMX
  7. Bryce Menzies – Trophy Truck
  8. Rhys Millen – Drift
  9. Robbie Maddison – FMX
  10. Lolo Jones – Track and Field
  11. Pat Moore – Snowboarding


Director of Photography – David G. Wilson
Project Manager – Ian Votteri
Director of Red Bull Media House – Nicholas Schrunk
Director of SYYN Labs – Adam Sadowsky

Technology – The Ultimate Arm

KLUGE – A witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task.

Go team.

[Behind the Scenes] <— 125,399


[YouTubeUlar] <— 12,438 Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Red Bull Rampage went off this year. Wait... it goes off every year.

Red Bull Rampage 2012 Recap

[YouTubeUlar] <— 301 [Secondary Angle]
[Cameron Zink 2010 Ridiculous Winning Run]

GoPro – Kirby Chambliss Epic Flight

[YouTubeUlar] <— 50,311 GoProYourFlyingMiniaturePlanesAggressively - √ Good to finally put a name to the guy flying in the most epically awesome GoPro HD HERO2 video of all time.

His name is Kirby Chambliss.

Brain Farm Digital Cinema 2012 Reel

[YouTubeUlar] <— 23,862 Brain Farm (Think Red Bull) Digital Cinema is starting to grab some subscribers on their 10 YouTubular videos. If you think this is some amazing footage from the past year... wait until they start releasing videos captured with their new toy [5,046]

[Brain Farm Homepage]
[Snaproll + Brain Farm]

Red Bull — Rickie Fowler

[YouTubeUlar] <— 82,393 Randomly - given the new YouTube recommended & related video algorithms… I finally came across this video.


Maybe the phenomenal weather lately has given me the power to find golf on the internets again.

Generally… Red Bull videos are much better than these – but since it’s golf mixed with Red Bull’s uniqueness – Go for it.

[Capital Drive – Hole-In-One]
[Rickie Fowler – Urban Golf Shootout]

Shane McConkey Trailer

[YouTubeUlar] <— 70,098

“He’s the most bad ass person on the face of the earth.”
-Travis Pastrana

Looking forward to seeing this RedBull release in 2013. The more I learn about Shane McConkey the crazier and nicer this guy seems to be. To hold you off until the movie is released… party out with some G.N.A.R or this ridiculous recap from last years Pain McShlonkey Classic.

I Love Awesomeness


Red Bull – Stratos

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“The mission, Red Bull Stratos, will take renowned athlete Felix Baumgartner to at least 120,000 feet above the earth, to the very edge of Space.

From there, he will attempt a stratospheric free fall jump – the longest in the history of man – and hopefully will become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body.

This is a mission to overcome limits which have existed for almost fifty years, ever since the heroic achievement of the young US Air Force test pilot, Joe Kittinger, with his 1960 Excelsior mission.

Red Bull Stratos will attempt to make history and deliver valuable learnings for medical and scientific advancement that will aid the exploration of space in future years.”

[Red Bull Stratos]

Red Bull – Ping Pong

[YouTubeUlar] <— 303 Mark Huebner, Phil Coan and I played Ping Pong against professionals today. How fitting it would be for Red Bull to totally hoax the NBA basketball season with this small bit with Blake Griffin. This is comical - could have been better... but just professionally cheesy enough to make it fun to watch. In our professional match against Eric from France... Mark and I tied. He lost 3-11 and then 2-11 for a total of 5 scored points. I lost 0-11 and 5-11 for a total of 5 scored points. Next Tuesday at SHASH! at EXDO we will do [BETTER <— 9,787,065 views]

[Best Ping Pong Point Ever] <— 2,128,126 [Athens 2004 Olympic Games Match] <— 388,762

Red Bull – Formula 1 Returns to America

Red Bull invited Tom Cruise to take a spin in a Red Bull F1 car at Willow Springs race track in southern California recently, so he took a break from post-production work on the latest Mission: Impossible film to take advantage of the unique opportunity. After an impressive turn behind the wheel, Cruise jumped into the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter with ace pilot Chuck Aaron for a few more thrills. The Red Bull F1 car has been appearing in the U.S. recently to mark the stateside return of Formula 1 racing in 2012 at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

  1. Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing will return to the united states next year with a stop in Austin, TX.
  2. Red Bull just used Tom Cruise to advertise this.
  3. If you never got the memo… helicopters can do corkscrews and loops.
  4. All thanks to Red Bull.

Red Bull – Art of Flight – New Teaser

[YouTubeUlar] <— 428,930 New teaser and local tour dates released for Red Bulls life changer of snowboard films – The Art of Flight due to be released this September.

Comparing this teaser to the first What Planet the Fuck are You From? rollout – I would have to say I enjoy the first teaser by 1000% yes. But kudos to Red Bull and Brain Farm for revealing more footage in this completely different yet still awe inspiring teaser. However the music completely sucks and it’s ad driven… pathetic.

Local dates:

September 27th – Ellie Caulkins Opera House – Denver
September 28th – Boulder Theater – Boulder
October 1st – Wheeler Opera House – Aspen

[The Art of Flight Homepage]