GoPro Edit to Evangelos — How To Download For Free

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So 2 million of your closest friends and you saw this awesome GoPro video. There are so many GoProYourself moments in this 3 minute and 50 second masterpiece that it is overwhelming … what isn’t overwhelming however, is there is only one song. So how do you get this in-correctly named song, download it (for free) and throw it on your own bike mix?

1 – Go here

2 – Click Download Track which will require you to either login or create a Toneden account … or not. Just click the small “No thanks, I want to download without an account” text.

3 – Click Follow on SoundCloud, link your accounts which will unlock the Evangelos – Honorem et Gloriam track of awesomeness to be downloaded.

4 – Transfer to your listening device and jam out on your Bike Mix.

Alexander Polli – Crazy Wingsuit Mind BLOWing Flight

[YouTubeUlar] <— 301 What goes through your head to try and accomplish this? My mind is blown with this unbelievable wingsuit cave flight by Alexander Polli. I Love Awesomeness, but this is an entirely new level of crazy accomplishments beyond a scale of awesome. This is crazy.

“Winguit / BASE-jump athlete Alexander Polli does the never before done—a tactical flight through a narrow cave on a rugged mountainside. The flight starts with a jump from a hovering helicopter, Alexander reaches speeds of 250 km/h (155 mph) while following a precise trajectory leading to the cave opening, he then fully commits and flies directly through the narrow opening of the “Batman Cave!”
Shot in full HD, this extraordinary flight exceeds the level of commitment most fliers would ever consider—there can be no attempting, the only option is success!
The narrow cave, no wider than Alexander is tall, is located in Roca Foradada Mountains in Montserrat, Spain—a location that has inspired this professional Italian Norwegian athlete’s flying dream his whole life. Alexander hopes his success will inspire others not only to ‘climb over their mountains,’ but to also fly right through them!”

Whatever Morals Arrivederci is…?? They just launched in a crazy way.

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GoPro – Kirby Chambliss Epic Flight

[YouTubeUlar] <— 50,311 GoProYourFlyingMiniaturePlanesAggressively - √ Good to finally put a name to the guy flying in the most epically awesome GoPro HD HERO2 video of all time.

His name is Kirby Chambliss.

Josh Duek – Sit Ski Backflip

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Back in 2004, a flip on skis gone tragically wrong broke Josh Dueck’s back and left him as a T11 — full paraplegic. For the past 8 years one of his dreams has been to do a flip on snow again. On February 3, 2012, Josh became the first person to perform a backflip on snow in a Sit Ski!

Also, see Josh in the Documentary film, THE FREEDOM CHAIR

WINNER Best Mountain Sports Film – Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011
WINNER Best International Short Documentary – All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival 2011
WINNER Best Family Film – 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival (Florida) 2011
WINNER Best Short Film – X-Dance Film Festival (Utah) 2012
WINNER Best Documentary – Powder Magazine Video awards 2012
WINNER Best Documentary, Award of Merit – Best Shorts Competition 2012

See the film trailer here:

See the Salomon Freeski TV Freedom Chair webisode here:

We are hoping to have the full film available for download on iTunes soon.

[Freeskier Article]
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The HD HERO2 is the most advanced GoPro camera, yet. To celebrate its release, we traveled the world with some of our favorite athletes, adventurers, and filmmakers to see what we could capture and create with the HD HERO2. We hope this film inspires you to get out and do the same.

Enough said – Inspired.

1080p | 960p | 720p
120 | 60 | 48 | 30 FPS
11MP 10 Photos/sec
170° | 127° | 90° FOV

Skeleton Housing Now Standard
Wi-Fi BacPac™ and Wi-Fi Remote™ Compatible (coming soon)
Live Streaming Video and Photos to the Web

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[YouTubeUlar] <— 116,373 Overall I would give this video a fail coming from GoPro, I know they can do better. It is a little crazy and definitely helps understand the perspective of Jeb Corliss and his dreams. Feel free to scan to 7:15 and watch from their if you don't have to 10 minutes to consume it all. Ouch. Inspire. Be Crazy. GoPro.

GoProYourSelf – PunchingInADreamLakeTahoePoolSession

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“This was a fun edit that we filmed over a couple quick sessions at a pool in Tahoe City. Just an enjoyable edit to film and put together. Hope you all enjoy”

Just the way life should be.

Punching In a Dream - Passive Me Aggressive You Punching In a Dream – Passive Me Aggressive You


[YouTubeUlar] <— 2,252 Watching something like this when you think action sports athletes are invincible is surprising. Watching this when you personally know the guy who just broke his femur is heart wrenchingly difficult. Ouch to Chad Kagy... I'm glad the Tabron's (<— Also broken) could put you up for an elongated beach stay. Enjoy your cookies. It is great to hear you in such good spirits in this [ESPN Interview]