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“What’s important, is seldom urgent. What is urgent, is seldom important.”
-Dwight Eisenhower

Sometimes I just wish I had a little bit more Antonio in my life. He knows how to focus the laser beams of attention spans on awesome projects. However, when he isn’t around, surprisingly [] is a pretty cool little website.

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Stout – A Forever “Bottle Opener” Object by Lance Atkins

[Kickstarter-licious] <— 100 backers $3,345 Congratulations Lance Atkins for your first 100 backers on the newest "Forever Object" - The Stout Bottle Opener. You have 33 days remaining to grab one of these bad boys that you can apparently put anywhere as a permanent bottle opener for all your badassness bottle opening needs.

I would like to attach one of these beautiful bottle openers to a Blackbox Case — or maybe a truck driving around in mud with my GoPro!

Go get em Lance … Forever Objects Rule

[Stout Bottle Opener – Kickstarter] <— 100 backers [Stout Bottle Opener – Facebook] <— 1

Kickstarter 2012 – The Stats

Kickstarter 2012 - The Stats

Kickstarter continues to be the worlds largest funding platform for creative projects. I recently reviewed Kickstarter’s 2012 year in review. The stats are unbelievable and continue to grow as their demographic base increases. Last year Kickstarter collected a total of $274,391,721 million in pledges which is 85.6% of of all pledges given. This does not mean that 85.6% of all projects reach their goal, actually only 44% of all 41,765 projects launched reached their goal. And of those 18,109 kickstarter projects, there were a select few that completely blew out their goal.

Hydle’s 1 favorite kickstarter highlight from last year – The Griz Coat by Buffoonery Factory.

Our successful Blackbox Case project from 2011 pales in comparison to some of the numbers being generated today. I feel like it is time for another Hydle project in the Kickstarter arena again.

Immediate potential projects:
Blackbox Case needs an iPad Mini Case
Suitcase Speaker + mini Keg

Kickstarter – Opena iPhone Case

[YouTubeUlar] <— 52,959 I just got connected with these guys. Kickstarter to kickstarter - this device just might be worth re-adapting an iPhone into my pocket. Although I will probably still wait until they announce the GoPhone 5... I hear it has some pretty amazing features coming. Like a color screen.

Hey Greg

Man how’s this for coincidence, I was just checking out the blackbox kickstarter project last night and was thinking these guys are sooooo on the same level as us.

How about we send you a few Opena’s and you send us some blackbox cases???

If your even in Melbourne we need to hook up, drink beer, and talk crap about the world and product development!


Chris Peters

Bamboo Blackbox Case Project = 100% Funded

Today is an exciting day!

At 10:08am I got a call from Matt Wells telling me he wanted to fund our project exactly. At 10:11am he pledged $83 for an iPad 2 Case which put us exactly at $25,000! Thanks for the help señor Wells and for being so cool to exactly pledge what was needed to get these screen shots. You are the man… right up there with all 204 of our other backers who pledged for 247 cases throughout our first fund raising goal.

If your still interested in picking up a Bamboo Blackbox Case for your iPad 2, MacBook Air or Macbook Pro — you have 1 week remaining to pick up a discounted first offering case! And there is still 37 iPad 2 cases available for only $79. These cases will never be priced this low again so grab one for the holidays!

Rock on!
Greg Hydle

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Blackbox Case – Update #2 – $10,000

Today at 9:22am (Golden Time) we officially crossed into the 5 digit pledge level and we were just over 5 days into or campaign! We feel that adding that extra digit between $9,999 and $10,000 is a huge milestone for us and we appreciate all your support.

We were so excited we had a $10,000 funding party today!

Don’t worry about those china / ikea cases… they are not the ones you are going to receive in the mail – hehe. But we do want to announce that our 13″ MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs are in development and are the first to receive CNC “Bessie” testing and treatment. We are NOT waiting for time to expire or until we hit our funding goal to start making this project a reality. Our goal is to ship your case as soon as possible once funding has been received and we are thankful to Bill (owner of Bessie) for allowing us to pre-program when he has some available free time (aka – before we can pay him:)

On another note – Congratulations to Charity who At 9:52am pledged for 13″ MacBook Air case… which ended up being unique case #K100 and she receives our first iPad 2 case giveaway! Charity – we have messaged you so please get back to us so we can get your iPad 2 case into your hands as quickly as possible.

We will be giving away another free iPad 2 Bamboo Blackbox Case at #K200… and will try our best to keep you posted so you can share with your friends and family as to when that will be. Either way – there are still some great deals available so we really do appreciate you sharing and getting behind our goal of creating the best looking and most useful laptop case in the world. Your support has been nothing short of amazing!

Rock on!
Greg Hydle

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