FYTB Masters Gold

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FYTB teamed up with the Masters and made inspirational gold for anyone who swings a golf club. I put Leslie June to bed with this last night and she woke up wanting to watch it again… and again and again. It’s Masters week :)

Props to you Tom Brady.


Where does greatness begin?

There is no specific place.

No exact location you can pinpoint on a map.

True greatness starts within.


With a dream.

Dreams are not some fleeting thought or ambitious notion.

Dreams are alive living inside each of us.

Relentlessly pursued.



Fueled by passion.

And with enough support and self-dedication.

Dreams are confronted face to face.

Defining us in the most important moments of our lives.

Greatness isn’t found at a certain place.

True greatness is measured by where our dreams take us.

Somewhere others could never see.

Inside yourself, you knew what was possible all along.

I Love Awesomeness – Bubba Watson on Dave Letterman

[YouTubeUlar] <— 107,277 While paying my State Farm semi-annual home insurance policy today and describing the rules behind ILA's first golf event "The Gong" ... my agent Scott Bristol simply asked me if I caught Bubba Watson on David Letterman the other night. To which he stated “It was awesome.”

Since I Love Awesomeness I had to check it out… and Scott – you were right.

At 3:20 Dave Letterman – who knows absolutely nothing about golf… asks Bubba how he would describe his personal approach to golf?

Bubba simply states…

“Pppppft – Awesome”

David later asks…

“Having won, probably the most treasured major… does this take pressure off a golfer, or put pressure on a golfer? What does this do to Bubba golf? Will you continue to be awesome? – I guess is what I am trying to say.”


Golf Boys

[YouTubeUlar] <— 3,373,414 [The Making of Golf Boys – Video] <— 251,390 When I first saw this video last summer... I hesitated to post it. I didn't think golf was ready for something like this - even though it was beyond ready. Now that Bubba Watson cashed out on winning the masters - the viraladditity of this video and the Golf Boys is set to take off again. Oh Oh Oh - Single - Golf BoysOh Oh Oh – Single – Golf Boys

Congratulations Bubba – what a fun easter day watching you win.

“There’s always something out there… but the most important part is just trying to have fun.

You’re welcome.”

PGA Tour video on [Getting to know Bubba] <— 63,224 Individual Golf Boys YouTube Channels: [Bubba Watson] <— 3,115 [Ben Crane] <— 4,920 [Rickie Fowler] <— Run by Puma :( Ben Crane is such a character... he wins hands down for creative content. Just see what he has to say about [slow play] <—343,521

ExxonMobil — Let’s Solve This

[YouTube] <— 23 views Masters marketing from ExxonMobil. This series of 6 motion graphic advertisements caught my attention. I would like to see more captivating follow through once you reach their non-microsite. But not everyone is a Masters.

Still Genius.

Of course they could also figure out how link from a YouTube description field directly to their non-microsite…

Almost Genius.

Golf – Years of Excellence

[iDevice Link] <— 1,248 views On March 4th, 2011 - Armenian-American CBS Sports producer and director, Frank Chirkinian passes away at the age of 84 after suffering from lung cancer. Straight from the man himself...

“I was probably the most innovative and brilliant son of a bitch that ever worked in television. I’ve done so damn many things I can’t remember half of them.”

Straight from Golf Coupons

“He wasn’t a PGA Pro, but he’s headed to the Golf Hall of Fame. Too bad Frank Chirkinian did not live long enough to attend his induction ceremony this May. He would have enjoyed it. Chirkinian, died on March 4 after a battle with cancer. He didn’t play as a pro, but he influenced how we watch the game. Frank Chirkinian, “The father of televised golf,” died at the age of 84. Many of the things we take for granted today in sports coverage, and golf in particular are because of Chirkinian.

Frank produced the first PGA Championship in 1958, at Llanerch Country Club near his home in Philadelphia, and two years later the first televised Winter Olympics from Squaw Valley. He also dreamed up the idea of putting cameras on blimps to cover sports events.

But it was his work in golf that stood out, and at Augusta National in particular. He produced 38 editions of the Masters for CBS, bringing the majestic fairways and greens of Augusta to fans who could only dream of seeing them in person.

Perhaps you assumed golf leaderboards always listed the golfers in relation to par. Nope. It was Frank who thought this was a good idea and introduced it to sports broadcasting in 1960. Before then, it was just aggregate score. Pretty cool that Frank’s idea will last as long as tournaments are played.”

[Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame]

Tiger Control

This will likely be one of the most popular ads of our time and it just dropped. Nike is featuring Tiger Woods in an advertisement with a voice over from his late father, Earl Woods.


I am more prone to be inquisitive… to promote discussion.

I want to find out what your thinking was.

I want to find out what your feelings are.

And… did you learn anything?


There is going to be plenty of talk about this one. Genius.

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