Mountains in Motion

[Vimeo] <— 80,200 Thanks to JP Auclair for finding this beauty. And thanks to the creators for sharing how they captured some of these full season shots with their DIY Solar Camera for multi-month time lapses.


[More Behind the Scenes]
[Mountains in Motion – Facebook]

New Camera in Hand

[iDevice Link] <— 2,568 Upon reading (YouTubing) up on my new Canon SD4500 IS I am finding there are some interesting new features.

  1. This miniature effect shown above just makes me laugh.
  2. The super slow motion looks intriguingly slow (here and here)
  3. It has a goofed up 24fps 1080p mode (deadly)
  4. 10x optical zoom – titties! (here)

I can’t wait to test this beast out at the C Lazy U Ranch tomorrow in Granby, Colorado.

2009 Media Elements

In 2009 I averaged just over 69 captured media elements a day which is directly on par with the last three years.

I shot 9,582 videos and 14,304 photos on the canon. 1,421 came from the iPhone which is no longer a daily pocket device for me.