In the history of HYDLE.com… this ridiculous “TSOIGDH” entry marks my 999th public blog post since May of 2009 – When I started this crazy world of blogging ideas, thoughts and Genius vs. Not Genius intermanents and social media successes or failures.

So for the sake of getting google credit for it…


Turning shit on it’s god damn head is going to be my 1 single inspiration for the next 999 blogpost entries. I can’t wait to open up my connection layer for all my loyal readers… so I can start finding out who you actually are.

Cheers to 999!


4th of Chicago – Checklist #2


‎4th of July Chicago To Do Checklist:

1. get drunk
2. cubs game
3. fireworks
4. get all of us laid-ies
5. play on a lake
6. go to a beach
7. golf
8. drink free beer at coors headquarters
9. top golf – wood dale
10. pee on the border of wis + illinois

12. sell 100 blackbox cases to OWC

New Balance – Ubaldo Jimenez – “Tell Me”

[YouTube Link] <— 5,566 I recently visited New Balance and had the ability to interview the man in charge of creating this ad campaign. This series slightly reminds me of the 1980s No Fear ads... Genius. My next set of Baseball (now softball) cleats are going to be Nooobs. New Balance Baseball - Change the Game [Dustin Pedroia – Tell Me] <— 6,753

The Franchise Episode 1

[iDevice Link] <— 56 views With 7 straight wins in a row... the Colorado Rockies are the best team in baseball right now. Last year the glory belonged to the San Francisco Giants. Kudos to Showtime for delivering a unique story in a creative way. Cheese factor on this reality show is low. Get excited for baseball. Genius. [Part 2] <— 26 views [Part 3] <— 24 views